By applying “WINCOS” products to glazing buildings can be instantly modernized; both in function and looks.
Energy-saving through heat and glare reduction.

A wide range of architectural window films designed to add functionality when applied to glazing. For example they can provide shatterproof qualities by preventing shards of glass from scattering after a glass fracture, improve security, reduce glare, save energy by reducing the penetration of solar radiation, balance out ‘hot spots’ and act as an insect repellent.

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Growing concerns regarding natural and manmade disasters clearly illustrate the importance of glass safety and security. If glazing shatters during an extreme weather event or earthquake a secondary disaster is often created from scattering and falling glass shards.
Lintec’s window films minimize the risk of personal and property damage caused by glass fracture during an earthquake or other disaster, thereby greatly contributing to the building’s overall safety.


Helping to reduce the need for air conditioning within buildings High solar-control performance achieving significant energy savings for buildings!

The products reduce carbon emissions which it turn contribute towards the goal of reducing global warming. They enable substantial energy savings for factories, offices and homes, providing a positive benefit around the world.
The range of clear solar control “WINCOS Architectural Film” maintain high transmission of visible light through the glazing whilst delivering superior heat rejection properties to enable an

vision control

This Vision Control Film can control visible ranges by different angles.
According to the viewing angle, the control film has such functions by which view becomes transparent or translucent, and with these functions, “privacy protection”, “protection of view”, etc. as conflicting problems of office buildings or condominiums and residential areas with neighbors can be resolved at once.

insect reppelent

In manufacturing areas, measures for repelling insects are a requirement of quality and hygiene control in accordance with ISO 9000s and HACCP systems.
The insect repellent versions of “WINCOS Architectural Films” help to prevent insects becoming attracted to emitted light from workplace glazing, thereby significantly contributing to a reduction of insect numbers around the building perimeter.


In recent years there is a growing trend towards building walls from glass, for example curtain walls and top lights. Whilst glass contributes to improving both the external appearance and internal daylight levels there are cases where light reflected by the glass has caused damage and nuisance to the local environment. It is often difficult to foresee issues of reflected light pollution during the design stage of these buildings and in some cases the problems may only become evident once construction is complete. By applying WINCOS anti-reflection film you can eliminate these issues.